Terrain Parks

Crabbe Mountain is home to the "Most Progressive Terrain Park Scene" in Atlantic Canada. The Main Terrain Park is located in front of the Main Lodge, while the Dave's Jib Park runs along Dave's Dream.

Rockstar Terrain Park Report:

Jumps: 0/4 Closed
(M)2 (L)2

Rails/boxes: 0/7 Closed
(M)2 (L)5

Rockstar Terrain Park Features:

Dance Floor and Flat Bar feature (M)
Up Box (M)
Hubba Tube (L)
Double Kink Box (L)
Kicker Rail (M)
Wall Ride (L)
Single Pipe (L)

20' table (M)
20' table (M)
25' table (L)
30' table (L)

Dave's Jib Park / Beginner Park Report:

Jumps 0/2 Closed
(S) 2

Rails/Boxes: 0/6 Closed
(S) 3 (M) 2 (L) 1

Dave's Jib Park / Beginner Park Features:

Beginner Flat Box (S)
Flat Down Box (S)
Beginner Rainbow Box (S)
Shotgun Rail (M)
30' Flat Box (M)
Flat Down Box (L)

6' Jump (S)
6' Jump (S)



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