Nordic Skiing & Snowshoeing

Crabbe Mountain offers over 30 km of nordic ski trails and brand new classic style rental skis, boots, poles and snowshoes. Many of the trails travel through beautiful forests and a variety of ecosystems. A large portion of the trails are situated on privately owned property. Please respect all trails and property. 

*Note* - If Snowshoeing or walking, please refrain from walking on the groomed tracks. Help keep the trails in great shape for the skiers.

There are 3 main networks of trails:

  • The Embree Loops (5kms)
  • The Slippery Mitten Trails (8kms)
  • The Backcountry Trails (over 20kms)

The Embree Loops
The Embree Loops are short beginner/intermediate trails located just behind the Main Lodge and consist of five wooded trails that are well marked, and regularly groomed and trackset.

Click here for Embree Loops trail map

The Slippery Mitten Trails
The Slippery Mitten loops consist of 4 beginner loops that can be skied to via the Embree Loop Trails. You can also drive to them by parking your car on Flume Drive just off Central Hainesville Rd. Perfect for beginners. The owner of the property, Brian Clark grooms these trails fairly regularly, in the classic style. Thank you Brian.

Click here for Slippery Mitten Trail Map.

Click here for directions to Slippery Mitten Trails.

The Backcountry Trails
The Backcountry Trails consist of over 20 kilometres of intermediate and expert Nordic skiing. They consist of two major trails and a number of smaller loops and connectors through a variety of ecosystems including; mature hardwoods, pine trees, plantations, beaver ponds, lakes, rivers, views of Crabbe Mountain, etc…

These trails are not recommended for beginners or those without navigational tools, the skills to use them, extra food, water, clothing and emergency signalling devices.

These trails travel down relatively gentle slopes to the base of the mountain. Skiers using these trails can climb back up the mountain or use the chairlift if they have pre-purchased a single ride lift ticket for $5.00 at Guest Services.

The Slippery Mitten trails excluded, the rest of the nordic trails were cut and are maintained by a group of senior ski enthusiasts. These skiers include; Jan Bonga, Doug Eidt, Doug Embree, Bud Irving, Murray Neilson and Jules Picot. The name of a few of the trails, such as 81.5, refers to the average age of the skiers who cut the trails (namely Bud Irving and Doug Embree).

Please observe the following rules/policies;

  • trails are not regularly patrolled.
  • please sign-in and out at Guest Services before heading out and upon your return.
  • please report trails condition when signing out at Guest Services.
  • for safety always travel in groups of no less than 3 (less than 3 should never be!).
  • map, compass and the ability to use them are recommended (required for Backcountry network).
  • pack extra clothing, food and water.
  • carry a signalling device (ex.- whistle).
  •  very poor to zero cell phone coverage on most trails.

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