Tuning Bench Repair Shop

Tuning Bench Repair Shop Prices  
Basic wax $15
Sharpen (side wall edge only) $10
Sharpen plus (base & sidewall) $15
Base Tune (base grind & wax) $20
Full Tune (base grind, sharpen edges, & wax) $30
P-tex (small base repair patch, grind & wax) $25
Base patch (large base repair patch, grind & wax) $30
Binding Adjustment $10
Snowboard binding install $5
Ski binding mount (install new ski bindings) $40
Track Binding Mount (install new ski binding on track) $15
Ski binding re-mount (remove bindings, plug, install) $40
24 hr Epoxy Repair (Glue, clamp for 24 hrs) $30
5 Minute Epoxy Repair (Glue, clamp fro 5 mins, quick fix not meant to last long) $15

**Please Note:  There will also be a "storage fee" for the tuning bench when customers leave their equipment past their requested pick up day.