Daily Snow Report

We are scheduled to open today from 9am - 9pm, with excellent snow conditions on 27 trails to start the day.  Please note, King's Horn will be closed today for racing.   Come take advantage of these great conditions and don't forget, this evening is Family Night from 4-9pm.  Parent(s) purchase full price evening lift tickets, and kids, 17 and under, ride the lift for FREE!

Today's Weather:  Cloudy, Flurries beginning near noon.  High minus 1  *Think Snow!

Total Annual Snowfall: 195 cm's

Date: January 30th, 2015
Hours: 9am - 9pm
Trails Open (Day): 27/34
Trails Open (Night): 8/8
Lifts Open: 2/3
Primary Surface:
Natural Snow
Secondary Surface:
New Snow Last 24 hrs: 0 cm's

Trail Report

Trail Status Condition
1: Beginner Hill Open Groomed
2: Rockstar Terrain Park Open Groomed
3: Dave's Beginner Park OPen Groomed
4: Dave's Jib Park Open Groomed
5: Lower Dave's Dream Open Groomed
6: Upper Dave's Dream Open Groomed
7: Greg's Way Open Groomed
8: The Glades Open Ungroomed
9: Little Brave Open Ungroomed
10: War Dance Open Ungroomed
11: Embree's Loop Open Ungroomed
12: Pole Line Closed Ungroomed
13: Dax Trax Closed Ungroomed
14: Hume's Flume Open Groomed
15: Flume Chute Open Groomed
16: Snow Cross Course Open Ungroomed
17: King's Horn Closed for race training Groomed
18: Chair Line Closed Ungroomed
19: Lower Elgee's Bumps Open Ungroomed
20: Norm's Nightmare Open Groomed
21: Tippy Canoe Open Groomed
22: Harold's Fun Run Open Ungroomed
23: Dineen's Ravine (Family Trail) Closed Ungroomed
G1: Diddle Daddle Open Ungroomed
G2: Diddle Daddle Glades Open Ungroomed
G3: Sun Valley Glades Open Ungroomed
G4: Whopper Open Ungroomed
G5: Poker Face Open Ungroomed
G6: Hot Dog Open Ungroomed
G7: Tony's Trees Open Ungroomed
G8: Rock Drop Open Ungroomed
G9: Pug's Powder Open Ungroomed
G10: Slam Dunk Open Ungroomed
G11: Steve's Drive Thru Open Ungroomed