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For anyone who may be having trouble navigating your pass purchase through our online store, here are the step by step instructions.

Step 1: Create an account.
Step 2: Select the “Store” option under the “quick access” tab.
Step 3: Select the “Season Passes” Tab.
Step 4: Select the desired pass.
Step 5: Click “Add”.
Step 6: In the “Select New Members” window, click the “+” to the left of the name you wish to add.
Step 7: Choose to either pay full amount now, or instalments, shown under name.
Step 8: Would you like Ski Insure? Choose “Add” in the next window and continue, or simply just “Continue” if you would like to forego the option.
Step 9: If you would to purchase multiple passes, click the “Add another person” option in the “Select New Members” window. Fill out member information and follow steps 7 and 8. NOTE** For Family passes, each family member must be added and selected in the “Select New Members” window to ensure proper pricing and discounts.
Step 10: Click “Checkout”, review and confirm your order.
Step 11: Fill out information for each member of the account and select “continue my purchase”.
Step 12: Enter payment info and VOILA! You did it! Thank You for your support. YOU'RE AWESOME!

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