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Speed Week Trail Schedule & Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation:
Feb 1 - 3: 9am - 6pm,
Feb 4 - 7: 9am - 9pm

Humes Flume

Closed for training: 9AM-12PM & 1PM-3PM
Open to public: 12PM-1PM & 3PM-6PM

Closed for SuperG race 9AM-12PM - excellent event to come watch
Open to public 12PM-9PM

Open to public all day

Kings Horn

Closed for training 9AM-12PM & 1PM-3PM
Open to public 12PM-1PM & 3PM-6PM

Closed for SuperG race 9AM-12PM - Excellent event to come watch athetes reach speeds upwards of 100km/hr!
Open to public 12PM-9PM

Closed to public 9AM-4PM
Open to public 4PM-Close

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Thursday Night Racing February 4

As Part of Speed week Jeff MacLennan from Whistler race club, coach guru from alpine Canada will be available for Thursday night racing coaching/course setting. Adults are invited to participate in the big race on weekend as well.
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Speed Week!

Thanks to Speed Week, we are OPEN next Monday and Tuesday, Feb 1st and 2nd, from 9am-6pm! Got a couple days off school? Spend it on the mountain. 
Race training and competition is happening on King's Horn and Hume's Flume all week, but will be open to the public anytime we can. Click here for a full schedule! 

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Open Trails

Trails Open

Open for night skiing
Beginner's Hill
Rockstar Terrain Park/Ski-out to Lodge
Dave's Beginner Park
Dave's Jib Park
Dave's Dream
Upper Dave's Dream
Greg's Way
The Glades
Little Brave
War Dance
Embree's Way
Pole Line
Dax Trax
Hume's Flume
Flume Chute
Snow Cross-Course
King's Horn
Chair Line
Elgee's Bumps
Norm's Nightmare
Tippy Canoe
Harold's Fun Run
Dineen's Ravine (family trail)
Diddle Daddle
Diddle Daddle Glades
Sun Valley Glades
Poker Face
Hot Dog
Tony's Trees
Rock Drop
Pugs Powder
Slam Dunk
Steve's Drive Thru